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Tomi Homes | Homes for Sale in Arizona | Real Estate Broker
Tomi Homes | Homes for Sale in Arizona | Real Estate Broker
Tomi Homes | Homes for Sale in Arizona | Real Estate Broker



We provided a unique service where you get everything in one place. We support you and your attorney. You will get a  tailored experience that is knowledgeable and help you navigate the maze of probate or making plans for life transitions



In recent months, we have seen an increase in fraud with vacant homes incases need to see your family member who has had to leave the property for a life transitions Criminal will notice that a property is vacant or blight.

They will then file a fake deed with the county recorders office, removing the property from the owners name and transfering it into their, the criminals name/or a company,  name.  

The criminal will then attempting to sell the property.  Which is very possible for them to do. We recommend consulting your attorney right away to try to mitigate something of this nature happening to your family. This notice is intended as a courtesy. We always recommend seeking the advice of a qualified attorney. We will happily recommend an attorney to you if you need.



  • Finding suitable living arrangements for surviving family members

  • Social services for surviving spouses

  • Senior moving services

  • Estate sales with donations to charity and full cleanout

  • Pet transportation/rehoming/placement service

  • Self-storage options for transition, long-term care, or safekeeping

  • Home service providers: landscapers, cleaners, remodelers, roofers, HVAC technicians, handyman, painters and more

  • Professional property valuation and appraisal evaluations

  • Home staging

  • Investment buyer options

  • Investment advisor and Next-gen estate planning services

  • Tax advisor

  • Real estate attorney services

  • Buying next property primary/rental/investment property

  • Real estate: title, notary and MORE......

Showing a Property

Avoiding the 8 common mistakes executors make

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Real estate agent

Why we should work together?

Probate attorneys should collaborate with Tomi for several reasons:


  • Real Estate Expertise:

    • Tomi excels in property transactions, offering knowledge in market trends, valuation, and negotiation, ensuring a seamless probate property sale.


  • Extensive Network:

    • Tomi possesses vast connections, enabling effective marketing and finding qualified buyers promptly, often unreachable through other means.


  • Effective Marketing:

    • Tomi leverages various tools for targeted marketing, professional presentations, and online exposure, boosting probate property visibility.


  • Regulatory Adherence:

    • Collaborating ensures adherence to probate and real estate laws, minimizing legal risks and ensuring a smooth transaction process.


  • Comprehensive Support:

    • Together, we provide holistic service—legal guidance, market insights, property valuation, marketing, and negotiation support—ensuring clients receive complete assistance throughout the transaction.


This collaboration maximizes outcomes, navigating complexities effectively and benefiting all parties involved.

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Compassionate Real Estate Guidance and Probate Support


Seamless probate real estate transactions, ensuring peace of mind during challenging times.

Help In One Place:

One place for the answers you are looking for.  No more guessing next steps or who can help you


We work seamlessly with probate attorneys & other professionals. We can help reduce your task list and attorney task to help streamline the process

Tailored For You:

Each person/family has unique needs. We minimizing stress for executors and family.  We also have the ability to facilitate family discussion/decisions

Risk Reduction

Address immediate concerns, helping find options and solutions


We put you in touch with the right people to help resolve steps quickly from attorney's to house cleaning and more


Help resolve difficult decision:  what type of sale needed, do you keep the property as an investment, do you need to fix it up, sale as is.  Buying next property, buying rental/investment property, connection with financial advisors & other professionals


Tailored knowledgable full real estate services, sales & negotiation, Finding options that will work with your needs ie. do you rent properties, update, sale as is? WE GOT YOU


Full Time Certified Service and I hold a higher Brokers License verses a real estate agent.  We find options that work for you.  WE GOT YOU!!



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Over 30 years AZ. Residential Sales

Let’s Collaborate for Unmatched Service


Licensed Broker BR103191000

Acquiring a broker's license in Arizona demands a higher level of real estate expertise than obtaining a salesperson's license. Consequently, engaging an individual with a broker's license would ensure a more comprehensive understanding of the field.


Memember of AAR Professional Standards Commitee

Participate in the hearings & make a valuable contribution to real estate determinations.



Managed over 100 agents

Wrote a real estate training manual

EPro Certified an NAR credential

Certified Probate Expert

Specialist at Helping people navigate life transitions


Assisting Out-of-State Clients in a Unique Probate Situation

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I had the honor of assisting my previous client, (I’ll call him) Calvin, in navigating the probate process amid his father's passing. The hoarded property lacked insurance, complicating cleanup and security. As a probate real estate expert, I became Calvin's guide, addressing not just the property sale but providing support during a challenging time. I coordinated immediate concerns, collaborating closely with a cleanout company and connecting Calvin with an insurance broker. In navigating probate intricacies, I referred him to a trusted attorney. Facing challenges, including a fake deed filed with the counter in a scam attempt to steal the property, swift intervention protected property rights. Despite the home's poor condition, I believed in its potential, connecting with off-market investors to turn a difficult sale into a success. Throughout, my commitment extended beyond the transaction to Calvin’s well-being. Dealing with a loved one's estate is emotionally taxing, and I provided the compassionate support needed.I share this story not just to showcase experience but to assure you that you're not alone. I'm here to guide you, offering real estate expertise, a steady hand, and a compassionate heart during challenging times.


Every Situation Is Different.

Even The Most Challenging

Can Be Navigated.

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I had the privilege of helping clients from another state navigate a challenging probate situation. A brother had passed away, leaving his sister in charge of his hoarded property, and I was determined to make the process as seamless as possible, despite the complexities. The state of the property was overwhelming, and time was of the essence. My unwavering determination allowed me to take on the task of recommending a Probate Attorney, helping to clean out the house and decide what to do with the beloved pets. Balancing the emotional toll with practical considerations, I worked tirelessly to prepare the property for a potential sale, knowing that time was of the essence. Recognizing the urgency, I reached out to my network and connected with an investor client who saw the property's potential beyond its current state. Through strategic negotiations, I orchestrated a quick sale that not only provided relief to the sister but also presented a valuable investment opportunity to my client.

Client Stories

Reach Out for Questions About Any Life Transition

I had the privilege of aiding a family during a pivotal moment. (I’ll call her) Georgia, a cherished member of the community, had reached a stage where transitioning to an assisted living facility became necessary. Her family was feeling the weight of that decision & and reached out to me for help. Realizing how urgent it was, I quickly got everything in order for Georgia’s smooth transition. I went through her home, being careful with all the memories, and worked aith an estate sale person. To make the house more attractive for a quick sale, I brought in a professional stager. Even though the place needed some updates, it turned into a real showstopper. The family was so relieved—they could now give Georgia the best care in her new spot. As she settled into her new place with a supportive community, our teamwork made a real difference.

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