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Homebuying Process: How Confident are Gen Z's and Millennials?


Many potential buyers continue to dream longer than they need to, simply because they’re confused about the homebuying process. I can help ease those concerns and make the process to homeownership much easier to understand.

A recent survey conducted by Ipson and Freddie Mac reveals the confidence level of Gen Z and Millennial buyers regarding the homebuying process. The graph below shows the breakdown of the top results, clearly indicating there’s a significant portion of younger buyers who are not yet confident with some of the steps in the homebuying process. If you are one of these people please reach out to me. I am here to help. You don’t need to be ready to buy because you reach out to me. You might just want some questions answered. My team and I are here to help anytime.

Between the homebuying process and the mortgage process, there are 230 possible steps in the transaction. With me and my team by your side, you certainly don’t have to know them all to have a successful experience. That’s our job!

FHA: Loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration for first-time buyers. They generally enable qualified borrowers to enter the housing market with a lower down payment.

Conventional: Loans that usually require a larger down payment. Repeat buyers usually use these types of loans since they have an established credit history as well as more money from the sale of their previous home (called equity) for a bigger down payment.

VA: Loans available for Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their spouses. They are guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

USDA: Loans for those living in rural and suburban areas. A qualified lender can issue a USDA home loan, and they are guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Bottom Line

Just reach out to us with questions and we can help you navigate through every step of the home buying process. Even questions months or years before you are ready.

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