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Real estate agent

Why we should work together?

Probate attorneys should collaborate with Tomi for several reasons:


  • Real Estate Expertise:

    • Tomi excels in property transactions, offering knowledge in market trends, valuation, and negotiation, ensuring a seamless probate property sale.


  • Extensive Network:

    • Tomi possesses vast connections, enabling effective marketing and finding qualified buyers promptly, often unreachable through other means.


  • Effective Marketing:

    • Tomi leverages various tools for targeted marketing, professional presentations, and online exposure, boosting probate property visibility.


  • Regulatory Adherence:

    • Collaborating ensures adherence to probate and real estate laws, minimizing legal risks and ensuring a smooth transaction process.


  • Comprehensive Support:

    • Together, we provide holistic service—legal guidance, market insights, property valuation, marketing, and negotiation support—ensuring clients receive complete assistance throughout the transaction.


This collaboration maximizes outcomes, navigating complexities effectively and benefiting all parties involved.

Tomi's Credentials

Tomi's Website -26.png

Holds an AZ Brokers License which is higher than a sales license

Managed over 100 agents

Specializing in residential sales for over 30 years.

Sits on  the Arizona Professional Standards Committee.

EPro certified, a National Association of Realtors credential

Wrote a real estate training manual.

Here are resourceful links for exploring the current state of the Arizona real estate market.

Tomi Homes | Homes for Sale in Arizona | Real Estate Broker
Tomi Homes | Homes for Sale in Arizona | Real Estate Broker


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Tomi's Website -26.png
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