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Download Tomi Home's FREE Buyer Playbook

Feeling uncertain about which homes fit your needs and budget?

Worried about making a competitive offer without overpaying?

Confused about the essential steps in the home-buying process?

Curious about how to ensure your new home meets your expectations?

A Buyer's Playbook provides a clear plan for navigating the home-buying process. It helps you avoid costly mistakes by offering guidance on creating a personalized game plan, understanding your budget, identifying suitable homes, making competitive offers, and choosing the right agent.

By following the Buyer's Playbook, you can confidently find and purchase your dream home. Download your FREE Buyer's Playbook today and start your journey to homeownership!


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Tomi Emptage


"She has made what could be a tedious and frustrating chore into a fun experience. I trust her completely and could not recommend her more highly! She is a true professional!"

 Bruce Backer

"We found her to be organized, trustworthy, knowledgeable about the market, honest with her opinions, and assertive but not pushy."
"She was the perfect person for me and my needs. She is a rare gem to hang onto. May be shopping again soon and will not hesitate to use her as my agent!!!"

Patrick McGraw

"Tomi is the real deal. Experienced, tireless, and patient. You will have a hard time finding a better agent."
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