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Maricopa County Tax Statements

Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | February 26th, 2013

Maricopa County Tax Statements are Being Mailed 
Many Will See Increases 

Most metro Phoenix homeowners will see the first increase in their property’s assessed value since 2007 when they receive their annual statement from the Maricopa County Assessor’s

Office.Statements will be mailed to Maricopa County residents over the next two weeks, with the first group expected to receive their statements as early as today. About 1.5 million properties were valued by the county assessor during 2012.

The property-valuation assessments being mailed out now will be reflected in 2014 tax bills. This year’s tax bills will reflect 2011 valuations.

Property owners can appeal valuations with the Assessor’s Office until April 23.  If you feel your home value needs appealed. 

To appeal the 2012 assessment, go to maricopa.gov/ assessor or call 602-506-3406.

A house’s value has to decline significantly through a reassessment to lower its property taxes, which fund municipalities, school districts and more. Tax bills cannot be appealed.


First half taxes (January through June 30) for the current year:

Due on: October 1st of the current year

Delinquent on: November 1st of the current year

Second half taxes (July 1, through December 31) for the current year:

Due on: March 1st of the following year

Delinquent on: May 1st of the following year

Example – Taxes for the year 2013

First half taxes due October 1, 2013; delinquent Nov 1, 2013

Second half taxes due March 1, 2014; delinquent May 1, 2014

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