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Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | May 28th, 2014

GarbanzoGarbanzo Mediterranean Grill

If you know me you are more than likely aware that I avoid fast food as much as possible.  Since I am a Realtor driving around in my car for long periods of time.  I don’t have the luxury of dragging food along with me because; the hot Arizona temperatures will almost boil water, melt protein bars, shrivels apples and turn bananas brown within and hour.  I can just imagine how nicely it would cook a sandwich on my backseat.  Sometimes I am at the mercy of stopping along the way for food to fill my yap so I don’t get crabby or pass out.  


Being a vegetarian and an admitted food snob makes it especially difficult to stop just anywhere to eat. We, my partner Jer and I, recently ate at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill.  We were pleasantly surprised and enjoy the flavors and found the food to be savory.  They do have many meat eaters’ options, but for we vegetarians, in addition to hummus, lettuce and many side/fillings you have great options for proteins like Portobello mushrooms and falafel.  They also offer wheat laffa wraps and gluten-free pitas. 


We had the wheat pita with falafel and mushrooms.  It was delicious.  I found the portions to be very large.  Jer and I will definitely split the next we eat there.


I almost forgot to mention the iced tea is tasty.  I had an organic lemon grass ginger tea.  They do offer more flavors.  It was to delish that I will more than likely stop in for just the tea from time to time.


I find the option of Garbanzo much better than, let’s say, Subway where I feel I am subjected to straight vegetable options or a rubber microwaved egg sandwich on a, rumored, yoga matt bun.  Plus Garbanzo's to go bags are fun.  They wrap it all up in this humorous Live Bait bag to disguise that you actually have deliciousness on the go so, no one will want to steel it.  


Now don’t go ruining the experience for me by quoting GMO content, calories and fat facts.  If you must to they do have a nutrition fact option on their website.   Don’t knock it until you try it.  Everything in moderation is what I am sticking to.