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Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | December 1st, 2011

Sunny Arizona

Frown Towns Really?

Wow, we here in Arizona are pretty good at getting rated badly. Come on!  How can we get rated number 18 out of 100 for Saddest Cities in Men'sHealth Magazine? The article claims the bases for the study results are such things as: suicide rates, unemployment rates, the percentage of households that use antidepressants and how many people report being blue!  

Hello Phoenicians what is our problem here?  We live in a magical sunny state.  We are surrounded by beauty with 360 degree views from the valley.  Is it really that hard for us to find things to be grateful and happy for when we are surrounded by magical beauty all the time?  Are we products of our local news, politics and negative energy of our fellow Phoenicians?  

I'm personally shocked that so many are blue and on antidepressants in such a sunny state.  I find it slightly comical. Is that sick?  I thought the sun was supposed to make us happy.  I thought places like
Oregon and Washington are supposed to be depressing due to little sun and lots of rain.  Is that just a lie we tell ourselves here in the sunny valley?  

I for one am not falling into believing in such hocus pocus!  After living here for most of my life I know that most Phoenicians are friendly, kind and happy people.  I don't need a magazine to tell me otherwise, but seriously we better smile it up and show the rest of this country that this is a great place to live.  Otherwise they might never start reporting the positive aspects of
Arizona living!

I love this state in so many ways!  -Tomi