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Extreme Weather Protect Your Home

Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | September 8th, 2014

        Fence Down 2

Protect Your Home Against Extreme Weather

Yes this is our beautiful art deco vine covered fence laying down in the alley like it is exhausted and needs a nap.  I'm really sad to see this old beauty go.  I don't know if there was much we could have done to prevent this.  Mother nature is showing her teeth lately.  We were hit pretty hard here in Phoenix last night, but I'm grateful I have a stronge roof and solid floor in my life.  A mud hut would be such a mess today.  

I'm attaching a wonderful article 6 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Extreme Weather.  I think it's a good read no matter where you live in the country.  It covers heat, power outages, winds, wildfires and more.  Be perpared and be safe!