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Eaten Alive by Mosquitos

Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | September 22nd, 2014

I bet I'm not the only one experiencing stepping outside and being bit to pieces. Let’s all do our share to reduce mosquitos in our neighborhood.  Most are breeding right in our own backyards or our neighbor’s yard. One tablespoon of water will breed over 200 mosquitos.  Here are places, where mosquitos like to breed, that we can eliminate:

  •  Mow lawns.  Mosquitos rest in tall vegetation
  •  Unmaintained swimming pools (please call the city on these, they will help with this issue)
  •  Gutters
  •  Moist flowerpots and planters
  •  Standing water
  •  Fountains
  •  Open alley trash cans
  •  Over watered parts of yards, repair sprinkler leaks
  •  Pet dishes
  •  Open containers that standing water gets into: tin cans, buckets, and coolers, tires
  •  Birdbaths
  •  Decorative ponds
  •  Uncovered boats

    Have a bite free day!