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Bulk Sales of Foreclosures in Arizona

Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | August 22nd, 2012

Are you currently looking for a home?  Are you wondering where all those houses are that were once on the market or that are supposedly going into foreclosure?  The answer for you is, they are being sold in bulk to investors.  From the ariticles that I have been reading it looks as though when the investors are purchasing the homes they are turning them into rentals.  I can on speculate that they want to hold onto them until the market goes up even more so, they can make the big bucks!  

The good news for you the, current buyer, is that there are more and more homes on the market that are not short sales and bank owned homes.  Dealing with a regular sale can often times be much easier than short sales or bank owned.  You will have to do some searching and often times write mulitple offers before a home can be yours, but it is possible.  Also, the interest rates are still in your favor.  

What will this bulk buying do to the Arizona market?  Well, I think that can only be speculated at this time.  Here's an azcentral article that will give you just a glimps of these types of bulk sales.  

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