Picnic for Paradise Valley Oasis

September 28th, 2012
This is for you
Shea and 32nd St. Neighborhoods  
Neighborhood Picnic for Paradise Valley Oasis 
Shea and 32nd St. area 

Please let us know if you are joining us.  Feel free to email or call me with quesitons or if you would like to volunteer.

It will be a wonderful day!


 PVOB Gain Flyer 2012

Down Go The Interest Rates Again

September 20th, 2012


Down Go The Interest Rates Again
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The Washington post is reporting that 30-year fixed mortgages have once again hit a record low of 3.49% this week.  This makes me hear songs in my head.  One is from Grease with the lyrics, “How low can you go?”  Born to Hand Jive, right?  Another one I hear is Rock Lobster from the B52’s with the lyrics, “Down, down, down”.   Now you know my odd sense ...

Music, Beer and Ghost...OH MY!

September 19th, 2012
It's time to get outside Arizona 

Music Man 
The swing of our beautiful fall season is starting and we here in Arizona are not short on things to do this weekend. You can find me at this fun time,Rhythm & Ribs September 22, 2012in Cottonwood Arizona, one of my favorite Arizona towns. I can assure you with the predicted high 80’s weather I will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt while I relax and l ...

Time is Running Out! The Tax Exemption for a Short Sale is Due to End Dec. 31,2012

September 7th, 2012
Tax Exemption is Due to Expire at the End of the Year for Short Sales

If You're on the Fence You Might Want to Get OFF

If you need to short sale your home I suggest you speak to your accountant and attorney and get your home listed as soon as possible.  The Mortgage Debt Relief Act usually allows a seller to exclude income from the discharge of debt on their principal residence. Did you know ...

How is National Mortgage Settlement Money Being Spent?

September 5th, 2012

Here is how the National Mortgage Settlement Money is Being Spent.  
Interesting how short sales are far more then modifications.

Short Sale Graph
Provided by:
Grand Canyon Title Agency, Inc.