9 Credit Score Myths

October 7th, 2011
Credit Score

9 Credit Score Myths Do More Harm Than Good

by Teresa Bitler

Dispute everything on your report? Freeze your cards in ice? Hmmm ...
In today's economy, a good credit score is more valuable than ever, and for many, improving your score has become a financial priority. Turn on the radio, flip on the TV or head to the company water cooler and you'll likely be bombarded with various credi ...

Rentals Were Hot This Summer

October 3rd, 2011
The number of days over 110 degrees this summer may have set the record for hottest summer.  It was also the hottest summer on record for signed single family leases.  More single family leases were signed in June, July and August than any previous summer.  The 6,892 single family signed leases this summer was 21 percent higher than last summer’s 5,664 (data from the Arizona Regional Multiple ...