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32nd St. and Shea NW Corner

Blog by Tomi (Tomyal Emptage) | August 13th, 2013

So what is happening with the NW corner of 32nd St. & Shea?


If you live in the area it's no secret that this very large corner has been a neighborhood eyesore for sometime.  Neighborhood rumors really were flying around about what was going to happen with this big corner for the past few years. I believe that rumors have gone around because; there is much hopeful thinking on the neighborhoods behalf and some potential considerations from possible investors/tenants for the corner. I have heard everything from a large home improvement chain, an independent drugstore building, to multi-family housing would be going in. 

Lucky us, there is finally some movement in the shopping plaza.  It looks like a facelift is happening.  Pillars have been removed and arches have been squared off. I think I spotted a new color around the back of the building.  Will this remain a long-term shopping plaza?  Only time will tell. 

A few weeks ago some of us in the neighborhood received an email asking what businesses we would like to see go in on this corner.  The question was said to come from the corners new owners.  There are many suggestions.  The ideas are good and a many of them would be great assets to have in our area. 

I have been told that 32 Shea will remain and We Lost Our Home will be relocating.  I have not fact checked these, but this information has come from a reliable source.

For now I am crossing my fingers with hope that whomever is, the new owner has an interest in growing our neighborhood with healthy good businesses that will be supported locally.  Overall this will be a win-win for the neighborhood and the new owners. 

I’m going to keep a positive attitude about the good things to come on 32nd St. & Shea.